Alvarez Estefania

Intranet ICBC bank in Argentina

Work done for the Argentine Design Studio Bunker 3022 We perform an intranet to unify the necessary resources under a single Corporate Portal, providing standardization and ease of use, allowing users to interact with content, applications, business processes and other people within the Organization. We work in a system of personalized icons, in addition name and logo for the intranet that would unify all the applications in force in the branches of Argentina allowing to generate greater communication between the employees of the ICBC bank in all Argentina. We work in a web friendly to the user, with a simple and easily navigable structure. The main menu is present on every page of the site and always accessible. Following the latest tendencies in minimalist web design, we work with simple graphic resources, flat design, no shadows, no reliefs, no color gradients, and the fundamental role of the scroll that allows a smooth transition between the pages and elements of the site, Also allows users to go at their own pace and reduces eye strain. The website we raise is responsive and thus adaptable to any device.

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